Sci-fi Sleeves & Day of the Dead

I’ve been super busy getting all of my uni work done, so apologies for not keeping you updated.

I’ve had a few projects all on the go at once, so here’s what you’ve missed.

First we have my collaborative project. For this one I’ve been working with some other costume students and some digital media students to create a perfume ad.


I worked on these incredible sci-fi sleeves reminiscent of UFOs! Check out the final ad here!

The other project I’ve been doing is a Day of the Dead inspired mask. This is a completely new idea to me, I’ve never dabbled in mask making before!


What do you think? I’m pretty pleased with it for my first attempt.

That concludes this year of uni for me, so it’s time to concentrate on some other things. Head on over to my Etsy to check out some new items and bag yourself some scrappy fashion.