Scraps, scraps, everywhere!

It’s been a busy week again! Sewing all of my scraps together does take quite some time but it is so satisfying to see it all come together to create this weird and wonderful textile.

I showed you all a piece that I was working on here and this week I’ve been doing loads more. My scraps don’t seem to be going down very quickly though so there will be a whole bunch of garments to come 🙂 The bad news is that I have to do so much ironing! (I try to avoid it at all costs.)

Anyway, after a little bit of rambling I thought I should show you something I’ve actually made! It’s a 50’s style princess seam jacket, using my scrappy fabric for the back, a grey cotton for the front and one sleeve, the other sleeve is a blue and white striped cotton.

It has come out looking really great, if I do say so myself!

Zero Waste

My aim within my practice is to have no waste products come out of my sewing room. In order to succeed I save all of my scraps from my projects and sew them together to create new textile.

My inspiration behind this came from the Japanese tradition of repairing old clothing using a technique called Boro Stitching. I looked into this whilst in my first year of university and I fell in love with the style. As a garment is worn through, you patch it up with a reinforcing stitch across the whole piece giving a decidedly modern look.

I created my own style of this patchwork with using only white fabrics and white thread…

Screenshot (4)

It gives a lovely, quilted effect to the textile which I think is simply gorgeous!

As you can see… there’s method behind the madness! This is time consuming (and thread consuming!) but I am getting there. I’m currently working on a red piece that I plan on using on a bomber jacket in time for winter.


Squeaky Clean

We’ve spent out weekend having a sort and clean in the sewing room! Found so many goodies and a substantial amount of scraps for my zero waste project.

The next few days I’ll be spending sewing these all together to make new textiles. Head over to our Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with photos of our progress.


I’ve been busy making a couple of commissions this week….

It’s been a bit like Old MacDonald’s farm with this apron. I used a lovely thick canvas cotton for the main body and added some chicken fabric for the pockets. Useful and beautiful.

If you have any ideas of garments you’d like making then send me a message and I’ll get back to you.

Ankara Belt

I decided to make a lovely ankara style belt with one of my luscious new fabrics.

I love working with this beautiful African wax print fabric! It cuts so easily and sews wonderfully!

I’ve kept this design simple so that the fabric can do the talking. Add it to your favourite little black dress to give an extra bit of glitz.

Keep an eye out for the finished garment.