Zero Waste

My aim within my practice is to have no waste products come out of my sewing room. In order to succeed I save all of my scraps from my projects and sew them together to create new textile.

My inspiration behind this came from the Japanese tradition of repairing old clothing using a technique called Boro Stitching. I looked into this whilst in my first year of university and I fell in love with the style. As a garment is worn through, you patch it up with a reinforcing stitch across the whole piece giving a decidedly modern look.

I created my own style of this patchwork with using only white fabrics and white thread…

Screenshot (4)

It gives a lovely, quilted effect to the textile which I think is simply gorgeous!

As you can see… there’s method behind the madness! This is time consuming (and thread consuming!) but I am getting there. I’m currently working on a red piece that I plan on using on a bomber jacket in time for winter.